Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd.


Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. (BAIC) is a major automobile manufacturer in China established in 1958 and headquartered in Beijing. BAIC has now developed into a large State-owned automobile enterprise group covering the R&D and manufacturing of complete vehicles and parts & components, auto services and trade, integrated mobility services, finance and investment and general aviation. It ranks the 124th on the Fortune 500 list in 2020.


Since 1958 when Beijing Automotive Works produced the Jinggangshan sedan, the first model developed on its own, BAIC has developed and manufactured BJ212, China's first-generation light off-road vehicle, and BJ130, the first-generation light truck, and established Beijing Jeep Corporation, China’s first joint venture specialized in vehicle manufacturing, Beijing Hyundai Auto Co., Ltd., China’s first vehicle manufacturing joint venture after China was admitted into WTO, and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., the model of strengthening strategic joint venture and cooperation in a deep-going way.



BAIC owns a number of well-known subsidiaries and R&D facilities, including Beijing Motor, BAIC BJEV, BAIC ORV, Beiqi Changhe, Beiqi Foton, Beijing Hyundai Motor, Beijing Benz Automotive, Beijing General Aviation and Beijing Automotive Technology Center. With Beijing as the center, BAIC has established production facilities of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles of its own brands, new energy vehicle production facilities, joint venture passenger vehicle production facilities and general aviation production facilities in more than ten provinces and municipalities in China. Its R&D system is seen in seven regions of five countries across the world. BAIC vehicle factories and KD factories have been built in over 30 countries and regions, whose products are sold to over 80 countries and regions worldwide.


In recent years, upholding the philosophy of innovation-driven development characterized by electrification, intelligence, connectivity and sharing, BAIC Group has vigorously advanced the integration of resources and restructuring of core competence, planned for presence in the new energy vehicle industry in advance, conducted research on and explored the industrialization of forward-looking technologies like intelligent connectivity and big data, focused on the core competence of its own brands, worked intensively on the after-market and accelerated the pace of going global, so as to push forward its strategic transition from a traditional manufacturer to a service and innovation-oriented manufacturer.


BAIC Group will remain committed to the philosophy of “Your Wish, Our Way”, and take the path to sustainability featuring large-scale, high-end, service-based, international and low-carbon development, in a bid to build itself into a service and innovation-oriented manufacturer, provide the public with high-tech, quality, safe and eco-friendly travelling solutions, and become an internationally competitive automaker and service provider and a leader in quality and pleasant traveling.


As the main platform for BAIC Group to develop its international business, BAIC International, based on the unified planning and deployment of the Group, energetically pushes forward the development of international business, and has initially put in place an international business platform across the whole industrial chain from auto R&D, production, sales and services to international trade and the construction of overseas bases, laying a solid foundation for the fast development of the Group’s international business.



In terms of products, relying on the resources of the Group, it has established a relatively complete system for product development and business transformation certification, with 34 model series (19 models including New X35, New X55, New D50 and New D70 and New X7, and 15 models including BJ40L and BJ80 and BJ40PLUS) available for sales.


In terms of production, it has set up two bases, one in South Africa and the other in Ruili, as well as seven key KD projects in Pakistan, Algeria and Burma, etc., and established a quality management system with customer satisfaction as the goal.


In terms of marketing, it has developed 30 sales channels and 171 sales outlets, and established 41 after-sales channels and 196 service outlets in 30 countries across the world, with more than 100,000 sets sold overseas on a cumulative basis and covering Asia, Africa, America and some other destinations of the automobiles exported from China.


In terms of the construction of bases, on July 24, 2018, witnessed by the heads of State of China and South Africa, the general welding workshop of BAIC’s South African project was inaugurated, and the first X25 vehicle successfully rolled off the production line. At the ceremony marking the event, Chinese President Xi Jinping highly praised and affirmed the project, which has a planned output of 40,000-50,000 sets each year.


BAIC International unswervingly implements China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, and focuses on two parts of the industrial chain, i.e. “overseas manufacturing” and “international marketing” with the positioning as an overseas trade platform and an overseas integrated service provider. Meanwhile, as the main strategic platform for BAIC Group’s international business, it shoulders the mission of building an international BAIC Group and expanding the Group’s global presence in industrial innovation, and adopts the strategy of “overall planning, planning before acting, moving carefully each step and making breakthroughs in key areas”, so as to realize the Group’s strategic goal about the internationalization of talents, markets, products, brands and management, and make BAIC a leader among Chinese auto makers in international business.