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BAIC Star|ARCFOX Arcfox is Awarded the Industry’s Highest-Level Certificate after the Devil Test

Hainan may mind you of the engaging picture below.

But totally different to Arcfox.

While others were on a vacation, Arcfox was undergoing tests. After passing a great number of tests, Arcfox was finally awarded the industry’s first platinum certificate for excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Car corrosion and aging are not strange to car owners. Weathering, scratching and pollution will turn clean and shiny cars into grey and rusted ones that they just can’t stand. Rusting and aging are not just about the “surface”, but concern life safety. Once corroded and rusted, the steel body frame will be much less secure, and corroded key structural components and welding spots, in particular, will pose huge potential dangers to travelling. So, the “platinum-level” corrosion resistance of Arcfox means “platinum-level” security for consumers.


CA-CAP is a Window to Know about the Valuable “Platinum Level”


Established under the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP) is an authoritative organization focusing on consumers’ rights and interests. CA-CAP is organized and conducted by CACPQSP. Implemented in accordance with the Evaluation Regulation for Passenger Car Corrosion Resistance Test, CA-CAP simulates the anti-corrosion performance of a complete vehicle after six years of use in a highly corrosive area in China. Only the vehicles rated a 5-star can be qualified for a platinum-level certificate.


Unimaginable Devil Test

On the tropical automobile team ground in Hainan, a test car must stand the “devil test” involving 60 accelerated corrosion test cycles. In each cycle, it must pass through a 300-m-long test road paved with gravels at a high speed 14 times, experiencing corrugated surface, high-speed sections, salty water pools and other road conditions, and park for a long time respectively in a salt mist chamber and a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. In other words, the car will run for 78 km at a 120km/h speed.

A 11-hour 122℉ sauna

A 5% salt water shower (the average salt content of the water in the Pacific Ocean is just 3.5%)

On bumpy surfaces, auto parts are in full contact with the salt water, a way to test how anti-corrosion the car is.

The bright sunshine in Hainan can’t be wasted. “Sunbathing” is an indispensable part, but is not something we generally like.

These are the highest levels of the CA-CAP “devil test”. But Arcfox went far beyond that by taking 40 extra cycles, bringing the total number of cycles to 100. That’s the “devil test” plus!

As results show, Arcfox αS performs well in corrosion appearance, function and coating scratch assessments, and is particularly excellent in aspects like four doors & two covers, battery cases, chassis suspension and coating scratch spread control. It was finally rated a 5-star and awarded the platinum-level certificate, ranking among the top 5% of the 107 test cars.


Why is Arcfox Strongly Resistant against Corrosion?

Material level protection and multiple anti-corrosion barriers are the key!

Corrosion resistance starts from the selection of materials. Arcfox features much use of double-sided hot galvanized steel boards, on both sides of which is a galvanized layer with no less than 50g of zinc in each square meter.

As for structural design, dry and wet areas are reasonably divided in an Arcfox car. Adhesive is used to isolate potential difference, avoiding the formation of small primary battery structures and greatly improving resistance against corrosion.  

Besides, electrophoretic process holes, drain holes and gas vents are also exquisitely designed in Arcfox to ensure the best-in-class electrophoresis level.

At the bottom of the body, the part most affected by corrosion, cavity antiseptic wax is heavily applied to isolate it from the corrosive medium. In addition, adoption of stone-resistant PVC, weld sealant and structural adhesive prevent the car from being rusted after parking for a long time.

Despite its name, “Arcfox” is equally shining in a tropical high-temperature, high-humidity and high- salinity environment.