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BAIC Second Generation X55 is Shortlisted for Special Technical Award



• Intelligent Evolvement for Breakthroughs in Market Layout


BAIC Second Generation X55 is shortlisted for the special technical award at the 2nd China Grand Ceremony for Automobiles!

On March 6th, the shortlist announcement ceremony of the 2nd China Grand Ceremony for Automobiles was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. BAIC RUBIK stook out from numerous new products by virtue of its intelligent technology and intelligent ecological supply chain advantages that was three to five years ahead of peers.

• Technology Recognition by Authorities •

Sponsored by China Media Group (CMG), China Grand Ceremony for Automobiles was held to select the models of the year that are favored by consumers, have market guidance and reflect future trends through public selection, professional tests and other rigorous selection methods by five industrial organizations, including China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Automobile Dealers Association.

• The First Harmony OS SUV Is Technologically Three to Five Years ahead of Peers

BAIC RUBIK takes "scenarized cockpit + Internet of vehicles + autonomous driving" as the core direction of reform. BAIC has dominated the industrial supply chain in the medium and long term together with Huawei, Bosch, Baidu and other leading enterprises, accelerating application of smart technologies, and bringing users new technologies that was three to five years ahead of peers.

• Huawei Intelligent Cockpit—the First Harmony OS SUV •

The whole vehicle boasts Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) in seven control domains, powerful Kilin 990A chip for cars and eco-friendly Harmony OS system for “1+8+N” experience, which refreshed the new height of intelligent fuel vehicles and took users to experience the new charm of Harmony OS in advance.

• The First Model With Electronic Exterior Rearview Mirrors in China •

As the first mass-production model of the same class equipped with electronic exterior rearview mirrors, it provided all-weather, all-scenario comprehensive protection.

60-Inch AR-HUD—the Largest among Products the Same Class

60-inch projection area, super-large picture, super-definition "No.1 player" experience.

• Mohe Powered 1.5T Engine—Leading Product of the Same Class •

Equipped with leading L2.5+ auxiliary driving and "China Core" 2021 top 10 engine, BAIC RUBIK takes only 7.84s to accelerate from 0 to 100m, and consumes fuel as low as 6.0L.

Concluding remark:

After shortlisting, BAIC RUBIK will compete for the final award together with popular models of other brands. Please stay tuned!