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BAIC BJEV Enters the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Huawei

Beijing China, Sept.26, 2021—Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., LTD. (BAIC BJEV) announced a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei), which aims to develop co-branding under “ARCFOX” and “HI” brands based on the jointly developed HBT models.

Based on this agreement, BAIC BJEV and Huawei will further develop into new models under joint brands and establish a collaborative operation system. They also plan to make more efforts on intelligent connected vehicles, including co-development, tests and verification. The details are under negotiation.     

Meanwhile, both sides have worked out a specific shared-marketing program to deliver HBT products through Huawei’s online & offline channels. Noteworthily the first Huawei inside HI edition ARCFOX αS is anticipated to cooperate to sale under on-and-offline sales channel by the end of 2021.   



Since 2021 BAIC BJEV and Huawei have accelerated development of new models into the final sprint. In April, ARCFOX αS HI edition made a dent by debuting at Auto Shanghai with its day-night road test video of intelligent driving released before. On 26th May, the validation vehicles rolled off the line of Zhenjiang plant of BAIC Bluepark Magna Automobile Co. Ltd.

On top of deep partnership with Huawei, BAIC BJEV has cooperated with many famous enterprises to aggressively realize transformation and tackle market challenges.  



In June, BAIC BJEV and Baidu jointly launched Apollo Moon, the new shared autonomous driving vehicle, which is designed based on ARCFOX αT and equipped with Baidu’s 5th-generation Robotaxi. More than 1000 sets of Apollo Moon are expected to hit the market within 3 years and some of them could be piloted in Beijing according to relevant policies.

BAIC BJEV also coordinated with State Grid and TGOOD to offer plug and charge services with 6,602 charging station and 42,000 charging piles in 219 cities around the country.