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Establish the Technical Core and Move Towards a New Round of High-Quality Developmentality Development

With the integration and rapid development of new technology enterprises in the automobile industry, the competition core of New Energy vehicles has long been separated from the initial range competition, pure electric models with range above 500km emerge in an endless stream, new battery technologies continue to emerge, and more advanced intelligent experience continues to refresh consumer cognition.

Core technology architecture for the future

In the era of new car building, the core technology level, which must be independent and controllable, which can be co-created by the industrial chain, which can be iteratively developed, and how to realize the universal development of open source are all realistic propositions that test the choice of technological development route of car enterprises.

BAIC New Energy took the lead in Chinese brands to realize technology overseas. Its BE21 platform has twice realized the technology output of key technology intellectual property rights to overseas, which also gives its own answer in the core technology field.

BAIC New Energy and magna cooperation, gave the ARCFOX powerful vehicle platform ability, not only magna world famous high-end manufacturing experience, and jointly developed the advanced IMC platform architecture, support intelligent driving of the whole field, full redundant design of intelligent system, support gigabit ethernet intelligent communication system, and its own products true endurance advantages, three electric control ability to the extreme.

As the first fully redundant architecture electric platform jointly built by BAIC New Energy and Magna, the BE21 platform takes software-defined vehicles as the development concept, and reproduces the century-old core process and management technology of manufacturing in Europe to fully guarantee the world-class quality of product manufacturing.At the same time, the key power system, battery system and electronic and electrical EE architecture and other parts, relying on the 11 years of electric vehicle development experience and technology accumulation of BAIC New Energy, continuous iterative development.

The biggest advantage of this platform is that it is a global universal electric vehicle platform and the world's first commercial architecture equipped with 5G technology. Under the current general trend of 5G development, the platform advantage is self-evident.

The specific technical advantages are reflected in many aspects.The modular chassis and body structure of the BE21 platform supports a 2760-2900mm wheelbase platform, covering a variety of A, B model product line to meet the development needs of various forms of body.It can achieve the GM rate of vehicle parts of the same level of> 55%, with the advantages of leading product performance, shortening the development cycle and low development cost.




In addition, the architecture also reserves the redundancy to support the higher-order autonomous driving technology, which can support the expansion in the chassis technology and the vehicle function safety.The ARCFOX  Alpha T and Alpha S models built based on this platform have reached the leading level of similar models in terms of intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, endurance performance, vehicle and three electric safety.

We will promote the joint creation of industrial chains in key technology areas

Moreover, BAIC New Energy also actively develops deep strategic cooperation with technology enterprises and leading industrial chain enterprises, and built Huawei "1873 Davidson Innovation Laboratory" in the field of intelligent interconnection and intelligent driving; cooperated with Baidu on the new generation of Robotaxi shared driverless platform technology, and is committed to sharing the commercial operation and model innovation of unmanned fleet; and established "1800 volt laboratory" to focus on innovative exploration and application of battery technology to further strengthen its technological advantages in the field of intelligent electric vehicles.




In the field of battery system, it has focused on the development of life, safety, low temperature and rapid change and continuous technology development, comprehensively improved the competitiveness of battery system products, and made certain progress in the development and application of solid-state battery system.

In the field of intelligent network, the vehicle OTA function development has been completed based on the ARCFOX  Alpha T project, and realized mass production application, and has mastered 22 core technologies of vehicle OTA, covering the cloud, vehicle end system, vehicle end parts and user terminals.

At the same time, its high integration, high safety, high energy efficiency of three electric core technology, has realized a number of technology independent innovation and breakthrough, in 2020, its "electric vehicle three electric platform key technology and industrialization" project won the first prize of China automobile industry science and technology prize, electric control test won the highest level of ISO 26262-ASILD, and ASPICE-II and other international certification.

At present, baic New Energy is by building "technology research and development, parts development, vehicle application" intelligent network industry chain, focusing on environmental perception, intelligent decision-making, control execution technology autonomous driving technology, efforts to achieve a new generation of electronic electrical architecture update iteration, based on software basic platform development, digital core application layer of electric vehicle high-end technology independent control.

Whether based on the current, facing the future of intelligent electric vehicle open source technology platform, based on its own core technology of continuous iterative development, or around the next generation of intelligent network technology continuous research and development, etc., a series of New Energy technology in promoting enterprise transformation, can assign product experience of driving force, has become its weapon towards a new round of high quality development stage.