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BAIC Harvests Eight Awards in 2021 CEVR

China Beijing, July 25, 2021-- Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) announces the achievement of eight awards in China EV Rally 2021 Qinghai Lake (CEVR) with EU5 PLUS, AIC has harvested awards in CEVR for consecutive 8 years, while refining BAIC brand through this event marketing.

Since initiated in 2014, the 8th 2021 CEVR, as one of top professional electric vehicle racings in China, highlights the theme of Green, Energy-saving and Environment-friend, and the total distance of 1,145km with the highest altitude of 3,940m, attracting lots of mainstream players with 16 types of electric vehicles.     

EU5 PLUS is powered by a series of appealing AI functions including high-tensity ternary lithium batteries from CATL, EMD3.0 Pro, liquid-cooling climate control system, 501km mile ranges, integrated 12.3” dual-screen, intelligent speech interaction, adaptive cruise control(ACC), multi-view camera system and unified sports seats with heating, ventilation, 4-direction Pneumatic lumbar support. Especially its ACC enables longitudinal cruising and L2 automatic driving within 0-150km/h.


\(EU5 PLUS makes a dent in CEVR)


On the first day, all of participant vehicles went through five tests involving noise, acceleration, braking control, operation and water fording to comprehensively verify dynamics, maneuverability, comfortability and safety.      

By virtue of multi-link independent rear suspension, precise chassis adjustment and high-quality Michelin tires, EU5 PLUS had excellent performance in the contest of acceleration and braking and outdid its rivals in the aspect of maneuverability. Moreover, it scored high points in water fording thanks to its compliance with strict battery package safety standards.  

With the total distance of over 760km, the CEVR performance evaluation included objective tests on milage range and energy-saving as well as subjective ones on vehicle appearance, fittings and space. EU5 PLUS also overwhelmed the review group by impressive outline, space arrangement and technologies, embracing 8 awards for mile range, maneuverability, comfortability, braking controls, technical configuration, the track racing, water fording, Intelligent Leading EV Manufacturer and top racing performance.  


\(The awarding ceremony of 2021 CEVR)


On top of EU5 PLUS, Beijing X7 and X7 PHEV acted as supportive vehicles in this event. Beijing X7 features stylish appearance, large space and smart technologies while X7 PHEV is the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with comprehensive milage range of 1,063km, fuel consumption of 1.4L/100km and 0-100 acceleration capability of only 7.2s.

\(Beijing X7 and X7 PHEV show as strong escorts)