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BAIC EV builds international forward R&D system by increasing the number of overseas R&D centers from five to seven

BAIC EV’s two overseas R&D centers in Tokyo and Turin are about to break ground. This will be BAIC EV’s sixth and seventh overseas R&D centers after those in the Silicon Valley, Aachen, Detroit, Barcelona and Dresden, marking that the global R&D pattern of seven cities of five countries has taken shape and taken a significant step in the establishment of a globally competitive forward R&D system.
The Beijing General Research Institute is the central layer in charge of the integrated development and manufacturing of vehicles; the frontier layer comprising the overseas R&D centers in seven cities of five countries is in charge of researching the trend of international modeling and the application of key technologies; the application layer comprising the technical departments of the manufacturing bases is in charge of the market-oriented transformation of technologies and the development of products responding to the market quickly; the research layer integrates research institutions, renowned universities and consulting agencies for basic science and prospective technical surveys, with emphasis on basic science and prospective technology research.





The R&D centers in seven cities of five countries differ in strategic orientation, covering frontier technical fields such as modeling design, electric drive technology, intelligent technology, lightweight technology and connectivity technology. They are providing ceaseless support for BAIC EV to stay ahead. Of these centers, the two new ones in Tokyo and Turin are mainly in charge of prospective modeling design.



BAIC EV R&D Center Detroit is committed to the R&D of the core technology of electric vehicles – electric drive assembly systems;
BAIC EV R&D Center Silicon Valley lays emphasis on vehicle control technology improvement, the Internet and intelligenization;
BAIC EV-Meta New Energy Vehicle R&D Center Aachen is mainly in charge of the R&D of extended-range electric vehicle powertrains. The first model is expected to be launched in late 2017.
BAIC EV R&D Center Dresden is in charge of developing all-new lightweight multi-material vehicles, as well as all-new lightweight design and material application technologies;
BAIC EV R&D Center Barcelona is in charge of the design and R&D of high-performance sport models.



The R&D centers in seven cities of five countries have shown tremendous strength as the world-class frontier R&D forces of BAIC EV. The first Chinese electric supercar-ARCFOX-7 appearing at Auto China 2016 was exactly designed by BAIC EV R&D Center Barcelona. Its modeling design and outstanding performance are amazing. The trial manufacturing of the prototype vehicle and related tests are under way. The model is expected to be mass-manufactured and launched in 2017.
Meanwhile, BAIC EV launched the Hummingbird Plan during Auto China 2016. The plan covers four core technologies-”e-Motion Design”, “e-Motion Drive”, “LightTech”, “i-Link Super Smart Connection”. Through the deep integration of all the R&D centers, these technologies have gradually been applied on next-generation models such as EU260 and EX200 to make them competitive.
It is foreseeable that the inauguration of the overseas R&D centers in seven cities of five countries will provide sustained and prospective support for BAIC EV to integrate world top talent resources, help BAIC EV lead the constant innovation of electric vehicle technologies and pioneer the future technical trend of the industry, and drive BAIC EV to become a world-class innovation center and new energy vehicle manufacturer as early as possible and take a firm step towards the goal of “BAIC globalization”.