XB630T - SUV

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Its distinct shape, smooth and compact body, and angled front design gives the impression of a sleek, powerful leopard tracking through the wilderness. The line of the roof conjures images of a leopard preparing to pounce, adding to the XB628’s overall feeling of dynamic performance.


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In August 2007, the second generation of the military-grade, light off-road vehicle XB628 of the BJ2022CJ model, independently developed by BAIC Motor, left the general assembly workshop of BAW and was formally introduced into field use. In doing so, it moved the equipment level of battlefield off-road vehicles to a new level.


The appearance of the car gives a strong, wild and avant-garde impression, various parts of the car show these characteristics: the trunk doors, exterior mirrors, round headlights and the segmented bumper. With its distinct style, the XB628 clearly stands out among other off-road vehicles.


A side beam structure was applied to the body of the car. It is equipped with several high-intensity crash safety features. The rails section is rectangular and a linear design was used for the central stringer to ensure that the crew area cannot be deformed. Standard front rear brakes, an ABS system and other safety equipment are also in place.The vehicle has been tested with multiple high-intensity collision experiments.


The XB628 Military Vehicle is extremely powerful and has been designed to meet any environmental challenge. The XB628 is equipped with a 3.2L turbocharged inter-cooling diesel engine and performs well, even in severely cold temperatures as low as -41℃. Its double battery, dual fuel tank and portable electric-generator offer a maximum mileage of over 500 km, while its various power systems ensure a smooth and reliable performance.


The XB628 Military Vehicle also includes a series of modifications. As a combat vehicle, it may be equipped with specialized communication and equipment according to the actual demands of the specific encounter to meet different requirements. The unveiled XB628 Military Vehicle will greatly enhance the mobile fighting capacity of our troops.


Technical details

YS 2008 2.7L 3-door 4WD petrol YS 2008 2.7L 5-door 4WD petrol YS 2008 3.0T 3-door 4WD diesel YS 2008 3.0T 5-door 4WD diesel
Length X Width X Height (mm) 4690X1825X2150
Wheel base (mm) 2800 2600 2600
Min. ground clearance (unloaded) 225
Displacement (mL) 2693 2693 2960 2960
Max.power(kW) 110 110 105 105
Max.torque(N·m) 235 235 315 315
Front suspension Non-independent suspensions-coil spring
Rear suspension Non-independent suspensions-leaf spring
Rear Rim diameter 265/75 R16
Front Rim diameter 265/75 R17
Wheel drive form PART-TIME
Drive code 4WD
Transmission type manual
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