Fashionable and exquisite appearance

X55 adopts a bio-simulation concept to capture the key elements of feline facial features.
With a 0.35 ultra-low drag coefficient, X55 creates refined streamline aesthetics.
Designed by Bertone, X55 aspires to establish itself as a stylish, steady and compact urban SUV.

Dazzling Lighting Aesthetics

Sharp headlights: HID xenon headlights with lens design makes driving safer; automatic startup and off delay ensure more convenient vehicle use.
LED daytime running lights: 4 LED strip lights are unique among vehicles of the same segment, enhancing brand identity and vehicle segment.
Angel eye LED taillights: 30 glittering and translucent LED light sources embody exquisiteness and represent contemporary trends.

Exquisite Interior Processes

X55 features an extensive use of the costly dual-color slush molding process to generate a soft and delicate tactile experience and a luxurious visual effect.
High-quality leather exudes great softness and delicacy, supplemented by an outstanding stitching technique to create an extraordinary textural feel.
The leather steering wheel is equipped with multimedia, Bluetooth, cruise control and other keys.

Passionate & Free Powertrain Handling

X55 adopts the latest EPS developed by the renowned supplier "ThyssenKrupp".
Driving is easy at low speed, and steady at high speed.
Collapsible design

Outstanding Quietness

Abnormal noise troubleshooting: X55 is the first BAIC model to adopt abnormal noise troubleshooting. Special sonic test roads are used for abnormal noise troubleshooting A total of 54 abnormal noise problems have been fixed, including those in transmission, chassis and doors. X55 has the best-in-segment abnormal noise elimination performance.
X55’s abnormal noise tests at high and low temperature; abnormal noise testing ground; parts bench abnormal noise tests
Comprehensive drag optimization: After several improvements and optimization efforts in the design and R&D process, X55 has achieved an ultra-low Cd value of 0.354, taking a commanding lead over other models of the same segment. Lower Cd value brings about better fuel economy and lower wind noise.

Maximum Airbags

X55, with front (2) + rear left (1) pre-tensioner seat belts, features unique safety configuration among models of the same segment.
Equipped with a maximum of 6 airbags.

Front-end Styling Design

Front-end styling design with a pedestrian protection function; buffer engine hood and wiper cover, pressure collapsible engine hood hinge, energy-absorbing front bumper buffering foam, and energy-absorbing lower leg support
Pedestrian safety is now attracting more and more attention. It represents a safety development trend. X55 offers the best-in-segment pedestrian safety.


Comprehensive electronic safety systems: Bosch 9.1 electronic assist systems --ABS/EBD/TCS/HBA/ESP/HHC/HDC/BOS

Front & Rear Radar Systems

2 front and 3 rear reversing radar sensors, which are unique among cars of the same segment. Reversing images provide greater active safety protection and ensure safer, easier and worry-free vehicle use.

Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic sunroof & full shade visors: These are features exclusive to X55; an Inalfa panoramic sunroof provides a glass area of approximately 1.25 m2; privacy-ensuring tempered glass offers safety and excellent optical properties, effectively blocks infrared light and guarantees a good insulation effect; the front glass sheet can slide back to open or tilt upwards, and is complete with anti-pinch function.

Keyless Entry & Start-stop

Keyless Entry & Start-stop enables the driver to push and start the vehicle with one key.

1.5T 6MT Standard 1.5T CVT Standard 1.5T 6MT Comfort 1.5T CVT Comfort 1.5T 6MT Elite 1.5T CVT Luxury
Length x Width x Height (mm) 4405 x 1809 x 1685
Wheel base (mm) 2650
Min. turning radius (m) 5.5
Curb weight (kg) 1410/1431
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1830 1870 1830 1870 1830 1870
Ground clearance(mm) 200
Max. power (kw/rpm) 110
Max. torque (N·m/rpm) 210
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