M20 - MPV


The M20 uses cutting-edge technology to meet all your requirements.
Its simple and practical interior design fits family life perfectly and offers you high loading capacity. The MPV is a one-of-a-kind MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) which combines all the features you would expect to make it what we call an off-road family car. A powerful engine and great maneuverability coupled with an emphasis on safety and entertainment for kids will win your heart just as it has won ours.


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  • Powerful motor, easy maneuverability
  • Safety: active and passive, dual protection
  • Space
  • German style, durable and fashionable
  • Enjoyment: comfortable driving, touch-control
Powerful motor, easy maneuverability

The 1.5 VVT engine offers you perfect performance, with less fuel consumption but without giving up any power. The design of rear-wheel drive provides both high speed and a smooth driving experience, as well as excellent performance when cornering, accelerating, and climbing.

Safety: active and passive, dual protection

Open visibility, loading capacity, and a large crumple zone and a more securely-designed roof and body safety cage makes the MPV a completely safe environment. The MPV is also equipped with dual airbags, power controlled seat-belts, ABS + EBD and a series of security devices to ensure the driving environment provides as much protection as possible.


Changeable combination, efficient carrying capacity
Large internal space of 4.8m³, along with 7 possible seat combinations as are required makes both family travel and the transportation of large size items possible. The MPV’s reinforced chassis design also improves its loading capacity.

German style, durable and fashionable

The rounded edges and wide windscreen, double-U style car front and wide hood, give the MPV its dynamic and domineering German feel. Its aluminium roof rack and alloy wheel hubs give it a fashionable appearance.

Enjoyment: comfortable driving, touch-control

The MPV’s swing axle suspension of the wheel-base’s five connecting rods makes your driving experience steadier, while its electric power steering and high quality seats as well as seat-back DVD player, hands-free Bluetooth, steering wheel control, GPS, reverse radar alert, complete your comfortable driving experience.


Technical details

Basic Standard Comfort Fashion Elite Luxury
Length X Width X Height (mm) 4440x1700x1783mm
Wheel base (mm) 2790mm
Tread(F/R) 1420mm / 1440mm
Min.ground clearance 162mm
Displacement(ml) 1.5L
Max. Power(Kw) 75Kw 78Kw
Max. Torque(Nm) 135Nm 145Nm
Transmission 5MT
Curb Weight(kg) 1270Kg
Drive Mode FR
Front Suspension Mcpherson Suspension
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