Classic and professional

The K425T is derived from classic off-roads vehicles. It features advanced off-road chassis technology. In two-wheel drive mode, the vehicle is easy to maneuver and shows quick responsiveness. If the four-wheel drive mode is selected, spiral spring spacing is applied to reduce the impact on the car body. Most bumps and shocks are well absorbed by the suspension system.

Strong and trendy appearance

The K425T is a stylish and powerful vehicle. Its appearance is dominating and strong yet also sporty and urban. Its fog lamps and halogen headlights provide you with adequate lighting in any challenging situation. The thick bumpers, wide car body and full chrome front grille add to the K425T’s impressive display.

Spacious and comfortable

The K425T features a sedan style interior. It was designed to provide the highest degree of space and comfort: the K425T is equipped with ergonomic chairs that fit perfectly to the human body. A high performance air conditioning system as well as a DVD+SD player has been installed too. The interior equipment of the vehicle is easy to use and can be adapted according to the passengers’ needs.

Fuel economy

The K425T’s gasoline engine is powerful and designed to operate at low noise and low emissions levels. Fuel consumption has been reduced to the lowest possible level. The diesel engine is based on advanced technology: it is adaptable, durable and reliable with low maintenance costs.

Safe and reliable

The “K425T Prestige” is also equipped with dual airbags and features power controlled seat-belts. Moreover, ABS + EBD systems as well as a series of security devices are in place to ensure that the driving experience comes with as much protection and security as possible.

Rich resources

The K425T comes in two models: the “K425T Elite” and the “K425T Prestige.” The two-wheel drive version has a standard wheelbase while the four-wheel drive model is equipped with an extended wheelbase. These different options provides you with more choices to make your driving experience as personalized as you wish.

2.5TD (N490ZQ) 2.5TD (N490ZQ) 2.5TD (493ZQ) 2.5TD (493ZQ)
Type Code BJ1031MMT44(T) BJ1031MMT51(T) BJ1031MMT46(T) BJ1031MMT52(T)
Manufacturer BAW BAW BAW BAW
Level Pickup Pickup Pickup Pickup
Engine 2.5T 95Hp L4 2.5T 95Hp L4 2.5T 102Hp L4 2.5T 102Hp L4
Transmission 5MT 5MT 5MT 5MT
LengthxWidthxHeight (mm) 5165×1820/1840×1850/1810 5480×1820/1840×1850/1810 5165×1820/1840×1850/1810 5480×1820/1840×1850/1810
Body type 4-Door pickup 4-Door pickup 4-Door pickup 4-Door pickup
Max speed (km/h) 125 125 125 125
Combined fuel 7.6 7.6 7.6 7.6
Warranty - - - -
BAIC INTL aims to produce vehicles with popular options that fulfill the segmented global automobile markets and satisfy world customer needs. All parameters and configurations information of different vehicles displayed above are based on the latest data at the time of posting, which may be updated without official notification and clarification.
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