Luxurious & fashionable

The K628’s body is perfectly in line with modern SUV standards. Its front grille was based on Toyota’s PRADO, making it the perfect choice for the discerning driver.

Amazing interior

The K628 features the third generation of off-road SUV standard interior design. The interior of the SUV is spacious and comfortable, making the driving experience a sheer pleasure.

Off-road technology

The K628 is the successor to BAIC’s classic off-road vehicles. The SUV offers the perfect combination of advanced technology, such as the specifically designed suspension system, up to date safety features and a great load carrying capacity.

Enjoyment beyond expectation

The K628 comes with tons of useful and stylish features. For example, it is equipped with an extremely deep cargo area, a strong double beam safety rack and a heated, exterior rear view mirror.

Max. torque (N.m/rpm) 205/(4000-4400) 178/(3200-3800) 220
Displacement (L) 2.237 2.237 2.488
Oil consumption every 100 kilometers (operating condition in urban and suburban areas) 9.67 10.8 7.6
Emission standard National IV OBD National IV OBD National IV
Driving type Front-engine and rear-drive Front-engine and rear-drive Front-engine and rear-drive
Gearbox type Manual five-speed Manual five-speed Manual five-speed
Standard configuration Steering column with safety energy absorption and adjustable angle, power steering, AC, 15/75R16 aluminum ring, electric lifter, central locking, child safety lock in rear seats, three-point safety belt, fabric seats, radio+MP3, 4-horn loudspeaker, concealed antenna, Illuminated Door-sill details (LED light), electric defrosting exterior rearview mirror, manual anti-dazzling interior rearview mirror, reading light of rear seats, floor container, high braking light
Remarks: the configurations above are only for reference; please consider the real vehicle as the standard.
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