Aircraft design

Smart double-wing waistline: a double waistline from the front to the rear inspired by the space shuttle.

Aircraft cockpit interior + console : inside the car, the sense of ergonomic comfort is accentuated. Soft lines are combined with an intelligence and technology-driven configuration. The perfect T-shaped console complements the ergonomic design.

Aircraft 3D dashboard : a blue back-lit three-screen floating display and barrel-shaped “visor” cover not only allows the instrument data to be read easily, but also provides the most cutting-edge visual experience.

7-inch DVD display screen, the largest in the class: an aircraft-style central DVD display screen, giving a multi-functional experience and a visual feast inside the vehicle.
Gentle interior lighting system: a congenial and convenient vehicle entry lighting system such that the lighting comes on as soon as any door is opened and turns off as soon as all the doors are closed. There are also overhead reading lights to the front and rear, giving an optimal lighting configuration and full three-dimensional coverage.

Economic effectiveness

Idle start-stop energy saving and environmental protection:
When the vehicle is at a red light or in a traffic jam, the idle state of the engine is cancelled promptly. Instead, the engine is stopped, which reduces fuel consumption and emission levels. The average fuel saving is 10%-15%.

Exquisite bodywork:
The car is equipped with a world-class, lightweight sports chassis and lightweight body design. As the vehicle is significantly lighter than others of the same class, handling and fuel efficiency have been greatly improved.

Smart design with ultra-low drag:
Based on the original Saab 9-3, the design has been optimised to have a drag coefficient reaching 0.3 and a perfect aerodynamic design comprising such features as a double waistline and rear spoiler.

Smooth and economic continuously variable transmission:
The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has unmatched middle acceleration performance that can be described as the perfect combination of economy and ride.

A balance of economy and power:
The efficient engine has dual-peak torque, making it a 21st century engine with a balance of economy and power. It provides the highest level of economic performance whilst giving the ultimate driving experience.

Precision control

Northern Europe’s leading high-end technology platform:
On the Saab 9-3 body platform, the car has unique safety cage patented technology for the perfect continuity of ultimate handling performance.

Curve adjustment originality:
Saab’s unique real wheel steering system enhances driving stability and traction, while maintaining sensitive and safe curve performance and giving ultimate flight control while rooted to the ground.

The most stable control:
The MacPherson independent front suspension has a geometrically optimised design to reduce steering torque and improve the ride. The multi-link independent rear suspension has an enhanced road vibration filtering capability, to allow optimised lateral and longitudinal forces to improve the comfort and handling stability of the vehicle.

Seven safety controls:
The vehicle is equipped with the latest generation German Continental MK100 brake system that is commonly used in brands such as Volkswagen, Volvo and Mercedes, and which combines ABS, EBD, CBC, TCS, HBA, AYC and DTC in one. In dangerous conditions such as emergency braking, sharp turns and slippery ice, the system provides ultimate control of the braking force of each wheel. The sophisticated engine torque protection system makes driving safer and more secure.

Complete protection with single wheel rescue:
To prevent the idling of the drive wheel when driving on slippery road surfaces such as snow, there is rapid locking and all of the power is transmitted to the wheel that is not sliding to rescue the vehicle promptly.

British Mira performance tuning:
With Mira professional chassis tuning and complete vehicle ride and handling performance work, no matter whether straight-line driving or steering, braking or handling, the multiple evaluation indicators reach eight points, giving performance beyond its class.

Nordic 3A security

Ultra-high strength and rigidity:
The reindeer horn structure of the inherited Saab safety cage patented technology has been fully upgraded in terms of body strength. Ultra-high steel strengths of up to 1,500 MPa are used in the integrated front and rear bumper beams, and the proportion of high-strength steel in the vehicle as a whole is as high as 52%.

The car is equipped with the most intelligent NOVA-LINK on-board voice system in its class. With 23 functions in eight categories, items including a security alarm and navigation service are only one touch away.

High-capacity protection:
The vehicle is equipped with six industry-average 18 litre large capacity airbags, to give full protection throughout the vehicle and to significantly reduce injury in the event of a dangerous situation.

Five star safety standard design:
With crash safety design standards exceeding the five star level, after more than 500 simulation crash tests and 26 real car crash tests, we strive to achieve the highest precision and safety standards.

Exclusive technology for the class:
When driving at night, Saab’s unique Night Panel minimises interference from interior lighting. The internal tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and front and rear parking radar monitor the safety status of the vehicle in real time through the trip computer.

Intrusion prevention safety design:
When the vehicle encounters a frontal collision, the brake pedal intrusion prevention function starts immediately so as to reduce injuries sustained by the driver due to a high pedal.

Each carefully thought-out detail, such as the personalized storage system, door, boot, and bonnet and auto-dimming interior rear view mirror will delight you with their subtle design.

1.5L 1.5T
Euro V Euro V
Comfort Elite Luxury Comfort Elite Luxury
Length x Width x Height (mm) 4582 x 1794 x 1486 4582 x 1794 x 1486
Wheel base (mm) 2650 2650
Tyre size 205/55 R16 205/55 R16 205/55 R16 205/55 R16 205/55 R16 205/55 R16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 55 55
Curb Weight (kg) 1270 1295
Emission EuroIV/EuroV Euro V
Front suspension Macpherson independent suspension Macpherson independent suspension
Rear suspension Multi-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension
BAIC INTL aims to produce vehicles with popular options that fulfill the segmented global automobile markets and satisfy world customer needs. All parameters and configurations information of different vehicles displayed above are based on the latest data at the time of posting, which may be updated without official notification and clarification.
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