Fashionable Streamline


Follow your heart’s desire! Based on the earlier model BJ212, the BJ40 is designed in accordance with the classic features of the classic SUV – “Strong, Simple and Imposing”. The profile is tough, clean and fashionable.

Multifunctional smart design


Adventure on your terms. The BJ40 allows you to customize your travel however you want.
Off-Road Survival Information System: The dashboard shows such information as gradient, direction, altitude and atmospheric pressure, so you are free to focus on your adventure.
Smart Functions: The BJ40 is easy and convenient to operate thanks to its ergonomic design, for example cup holders near the air vents, panoramic reversing radar, powered foldable side mirrors and overhead stereo system.
Flexible body arrangement: The roof, doors and windshields are easily detachable. The BJ40 offers the ability to make each experience unique, so you’ll never stop looking forward to the next one.
Oversized Trunk Space: The seats can be adjusted as needed, including fold-down rear-seats which provides storage up to 0.6 m³.

Robust and professional

Excellent Performance Control for Full-time Road Conditions
The rougher the terrain is, the more you will enjoy it. The BJ40, an extraordinary SUV with unlimited ambition and fearless power, allows your passion to roam free.

Adjustable 4-wheel drive: the BJ40 can work in all kinds of weather and topographic conditions. A 4L gear shaft allows for a 250% increase in torque, greatly increasing the vehicle’s towing capacity. It is also equipped with 2-wheel rear drive, high-speed 4-wheel drive, and low speed 4-wheel drive.
Strong Separate Frame Construction: the BJ40 boasts separate frame construction, which increases the body frame stability by 40%. The cross section of its frame is 138x60mm², so that BJ40 is able to withstand extreme torque.
Safe and Reliable: A standard configuration of ultra-high anti-roll frame in the front and rear constitutes a natural barrier to protect passengers’ safety. The anti-compressive stiffness on the roof is up to 22240N.
Low-Speed Large-Torque Output:
High-efficiency power output: the BJ40’s torque-to-speed ratio is more efficient that other vehicles in its class.
Unique drive-ability: approach angle,departure angle, ramp-over angle and ground clearance are better than vehicles of the same class.

Comparable to a military vehicle

One of life’s greatest challenges is to see out adventure while minimizing risk! The BJ40 is manufactured to meet military requirements, tested to military vehicle standards and comparable to a military vehicle. So you can feel totally at ease to adventure as you please in the BJ40.
Top military standards: the SUV employs military technology, for example metal-reinforced brake lines and all-floating drive axle.

2.4L MT4WD Standard 2.4L MT 4WD Tuned Version A 2.4L MT 4WD Tuned Version B
Length x Width x Height (mm) 4350 × 1843 × 1834
Wheel base (mm) 2450
Min. ground clearance (unloaded) 210
Min. turning radius 11.5
Approach angle 37
Ramp-over angle 24
Departure angle 33
Curb weight (kg) 1830
Model L4
Displacement (ml) 2438
Max. power (Kw) 105/4800
Max. Torque (Nm) 217/4000
Transmission type 5MT
BAIC INTL aims to produce vehicles with popular options that fulfill the segmented global automobile markets and satisfy world customer needs. All parameters and configurations information of different vehicles displayed above are based on the latest data at the time of posting, which may be updated without official notification and clarification.
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