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" Together We Will Win "– BAIC D20 as Kuwait Anti-Epidemic Vehicles

Together We Will Win !

On July 20, in the joint witness of Mr. Zhai Xianjun, level-one inspector of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality (Beijing SASAC),  Mr. Yin Fei, level-one inspector of Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality,  BAIC International Development Co.,Ltd and First trading Company signed the D20 anti-epidemic vehicles order.

\Kuwait is an important strategic partner of China in co-building “The Belt and Road” Initiative, and a key market for BAIC's long-term development in the GCC region. The signing of the order for anti-epidemic vehicles will further strengthen the strategic friendship between the two countries that we have stand together and work jointly when facing difficulties.

Fight against the pandemic together, strengthen friendship between China and Kuwait

Kuwait was the first Gulf Arab state to establish diplomatic relations with China and the first to sign the "The Belt and Road" cooperation documents with China. For nearly half a century, China-Kuwait friendship has always been in the forefront of China's communication with other Gulf countries, and have become good friends and sincere partners with mutual trust. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China and Kuwait have supported each other in good faith and set an example of state-to-state cooperation. Kuwait donated $3 million (US Dollars) of goods and materials to China at the critical moment. China has provided all conveniences for Kuwait's procurement in China, shared China's experience in fighting against COVID-19 with the Ministry of Health of Kuwait through video communication, and organized Chinese medical experts to Kuwait to assist. By helping each other, the unbreakable friendship between the two countries was truly shown.


Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, BAIC, as an international enterprise with a history of 62 years, made rapidly response and provided assistance actively by donating and providing prevention materials to support domestic and foreign anti-epidemic actions, which reflected the social responsibility and great love of a Chinese enterprise. BAIC FOTON, as a voluntary part of the Ministry of Health of the State of Kuwait, provided 50 units of Auman water tankers using for free, which have been used for urban disinfection in Kuwait. BAIC INL also donated anti-epidemic supplies such as masks and goggles to Kuwait dealers to help them fight against the epidemic and prepare to resume their work.


Under the initiative and support of the Kuwait government, this batch of anti-epidemic vehicles will be used for materials distribution for Kuwait people during the epidemic. BAIC's D20 can well meet requirements and make China’s contribution from to Kuwait's anti-epidemic work.

Mr. Zhai Xianjun, level-one inspector of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality (Beijing SASAC) said that the epidemic is temporary, but the cooperation will last. I believe that after the epidemic, the friendship between China and Kuwait will be more solid, and the cooperation between BAIC and dealers will be stronger.

No change of original goals, BAIC takes the leading position

BAIC is the executor and undertaker of ‘No change of original goals’ policies of Beijing Government. Under the leadership of the state and Beijing Municipal government, on the one hand, BAIC launched the two-line campaign of "epidemic prevention and stable operation" in domestic market so as to support and lead the capital's economic growth throughout the year. On the other hand, BAIC provides epidemic prevention support to its overseas industrial chain and supply chain, provides precise assistance to global customers, partners and overseas member enterprises, and continuously promotes the progress of overseas projects. BAIC not only keeps the stability of supply chains and makes structural adjustment of demand side, but also provides financial support and guarantee for order delivery, and advocates dealers to display vehicles online and provide "contactless" services. Moreover, through one-heart marketing, intimate care, heartwarming support and dedicated promotion, BAIC worked together with overseas dealers and partners to establish a connected network for prevention and control the pandemic.

This order for anti-epidemic vehicles for Kuwait has been the biggest overseas order of Chinese self-owned brand passenger vehicles during the epidemic.

Reliable Quality shines the name card of ‘Made in China’

“BAIC D20 to be taken as anti-epidemic vehicle not only shows that our products can meet the local demand of traveling and materials distribution during the epidemic, but also reflects Kuwait people’s trust in BAIC brand. The endorsement of the brand, the quality of the product and the recognition of the market are the reasons that we are able to obtain this order. " the Director of Central and Western Asia region of BAIC INTL said.

“Reliability” is the core brand value of BAIC. In addition to providing reliable products and reliable services, the higher goal is to become a reliable enterprise and brand in the minds of consumers.

In order to adapt the products to local climate, in 2015, BAIC conducted high-temperature test and adjustment in Kuwait. With the gradual improvement of product sales and recognition, BAIC has gradually formed its own product and brand positioning in Kuwait market, and set up a differentiated brand image. In 2018, the newly launched BJ40L Plus off-road vehicle had excellent market performance in local market, and Kuwait became one of the most important markets for BAIC off-road products.


In this June, BAIC launched the new model BEIJING-X7, the first strategic model under its new self-owned brand framework. In the future, the overall product layout of BAIC will be able to better meet the demand of different users in different countries.

Create Smiles for the World, BAIC always be with you

The anti-epidemic vehicle for Kuwait is only a small microcosm of the BAIC’s assistance in global anti-epidemic war. In recent years, BAIC has been integrating social responsibility into its international development, and actively carrying out social public welfare activities in the process of promoting overseas business. In Uganda, Mexico,  South Africa , Central and Western Asia and other places, BAIC practiced volunteer spirit of "dedication, love, mutual assistance, progress" by donating funds for education, earthquake and  poverty relief, environment protection and other ways, extended the love and warmth to overseas markets, and set up the corporate image of "love, responsibility and achievements".


In The future, by taking the public welfare brand "Create Smiles for The World" as a carrier and “Friendship and Love along Silk Road” as brand concept, BAIC will focus on overseas market, innovate the mode and expand the scope of public welfare so that the world will witness the social responsibility undertaken by Chinese brands!