Front grid

The front grid of X65 represents the face of BAIC Family which features a wing shape.

Diamond-cutting taillight

The tail lights are crystal clear and angular, individual and fashionable, simple but smart.

Wrap-around style interior

The exquisite and stylish interior adopts a wrap-around design in terms of the overall style, delivering a greatly improved sense of being protected for drivers and passengers.

panoramic sunroof

The X65 is the unique model in the same category which has been equipped with panoramic sunroof.

SAAB 2.0L Turbo engine

All models are equipped with SAAB 2.0L Turbo engine with optimum fuel efficiency ratio, satisfying the consumers’ multiple demands for SUV power.


The SAAB original technology-based manual transmission is compact in structure, economical and durable. The automatic transmission is 6-speed tiptronic transmission imported from Aisin of Japan, which features multiple gear modes and smooth gear shifting and contributes to fuel conservation.

Front and rear sub-frames

The X65 utilizes reinforced front and rear sub-frames which significantly enhance the overall strength of the body.

Front and rear suspension

The front suspension is a Mcpherson independent suspension that is simple in structure, flexible and lightweight.
The rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension, effectively reducing vehicle roll risks and maintaining comfort of passengers.

High strength body

The body represents the highest high-strength steel use ratio in its class, namely, 64%, bringing the maximum tensile rigidity to 1,500 MPA, and at the same time, it is also equipped with integrated punch-formed doors, rendering superior safety protection.

ESP system

ESP system includes ABS, EBD, EBA, TCS to ensure safe travel.


TPMS displays data about tire pressure and temperature on the vehicle computer in a real-time manner to ensure safety upon high speed driving.

security protection

Six airbags provide a full range of safer driving experience.

360°Panoramic image

The X65 has been equipped with the panoramic image system, coordinated with Bosch reversing radar with sound and image, which offers 360-degree comprehensive protection.

8-inch large color screen

The console is equipped with an 8" TFT touch screen which features RADIO, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, USB + AUX + IPOD etc. The built-in 4-channel power amplifier provides a powerful in-car entertainment system.

automatic air conditioning

The dual-zone automatic air conditioning can realize independent control of the left and right temperature zones separately to avoid excessive temperature fluctuations inside the vehicle and enhance comfortableness.
The negative ion air can effectively remove smoke, dust and toxic fumes to improve interior air quality.

Seat with memory function

The driving seat can memorize and store three sets of positions, and initiate one-key reset when necessary.

P&C 2.0T 5MT 2.0T 6AT
Confort Elite-SOP Lujo-SOP Confort Elite-SOP Lujo-SOP
Largo x Ancho x Alto (mm) 4654 × 1816 × 1680
Distancia entre ejes (mm) 2670
Ancho de vía (mm) 1540/1540
Distancia al suelo mínima (mm) 180
Radio de giro mínimo (m) 11
Peso en vacío (kg) 1545 1575
Capacidad del depósito de combustible (L) 60
Nº de puertas/asientos 5/5
Ángulo de aproximación/Ángulo de salida (º) 21/24
Neumáticos 225/60 R17
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