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Team Building Activity Held by the Operation and Support Centre

From June 6th to June 7th, the Party Branch of the Operation and Support Centre held a team building activity in Mutianyu with participants from the Branding, Logistics, and After-sales Departments. The team held a banquet in a local fishing village, where they discussed together their shared experiences in both life and work. The next day the team climbed the Great Wall together. The Secretary of the Party Branch, Tian Jinghai, promised that he would lead the team to make even more achievements in subsequent stages of development.


BAIC INTL Initiated a Series of Training Programs Called the “Learning Workshop”

In 2014, training at BAIC INTL will be divided into three modules titled “Training, Learning and Development”. Since May 30, the Learning Workshop Program was initiated to provide staff timely and effective new content.
Based on the needs of staff, the first session of the “Office Skills” training program was held on the 7th Floor of the International Hall, Peng Long Building. All participants learned various skills such as template creation, typesetting, flash insert and audio demonstration. At the same time, a training passport issued by HR department were distributed to staff for record of learning stages to indicate employees’ completion of the module.


Trip to the Great Wall

On May 30th, the Party Branch of Sales and Product held a corporate activity and spent a day climbing the Great Wall. Colleagues from the Product Engineering Centre, Profit Market and Key Accounts Department went to Mutianyu together to take part in this activity. All of the attendees helped each other during the climbing and ultimately reached the top together.
At the banquet afterwards, Dr Dong Haiyang, President of BAIC INTL, and SVP Li Ji both gave speeches encouraging the staff to maintain a similar spirit of drive and cooperation at work.


Team Building, Cultural Training

On April 25 and 26, BAIC International held team building activities at the Miyun Cloud Lake Resort for the first quarter of 2014. The president of BAIC International Development Co. Ltd., Dr Dong Haiyang, the party secretary of the Discipline Committee, the chairman of the union leadership and 140 staff members attended the event. The event consisted of three portions: first, ” BAIC’s International Growth and Me,” the first English-language speech contest; second, a visit to a northern motorcycle factory and a test-drive of the all-terrain vehicles; and finally a seminar in South African automotive market development and project finance training.


Theme Day Activity Held by the Party Branch of Legal Affairs, Finance and Cooperation

On June 30th, the Party Branch of Legal Affairs, Finance and Cooperation held a themed activity to cover “understanding automotive culture and providing service and support”. All the staff of the Legal Affairs, Finance, Operations and Control, and International Cooperation Departments visited the Beijing Automotive Museum. The staff gained a better understanding of the history, technology and future development of the automotive industry. After the visit, the Party Branch organized a team discussion on the outlook of BAIC INTL’s overseas development.

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