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Beijing International Auto Show Dealers’ Visits and Factory Test Drive

During the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, BAIC successfully held the International Investment Conference. The theme was ”Going Global, Driven by Partners.” The international auto show helped the Beijing automaker to offer this powerful opportunity to invite 120 people form 65 dealers and 47 countries to participate in the activities. On April 21, teams of dealers visited the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, the Beijing Automotive Industry Group Research & Development Base, and the Beijing branch of the BAIC Group. They were also able to test drive a Saab BJ40, one of BAIC’s own models, followed by a grand dinner held at the Wangjing Kuntai Hotel in Beijing.


BAIC INTL held the First Youth League Committee Conference

On April 29, 2014, BAIC INTL held the first Youth League Committee Conference. Attendees included Wang Bing, Secretary of the Youth League of BAIC Group and Li Shuangshuang, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of BAIC INTL’s Labour Union, as well as all the members of the Party Committee and 35 Youth League members from BAIC INTL.
Zhang Zhe, who is the team leader in charge of preparing the BAIC INTL Youth League, gave a speech detailing how Youth League members have become important drivers for business development. At the meeting, the First Youth League Committee of BAIC INTL was set up and received congratulations and support from both Secretary Wang Bing and Li Shuangshuang.


Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group Visits BAIC INTL for Investigation and Research

On May 8, 2014 Zhang Jian, the Deputy General Manager of BAIC Group, led the members of the Operations and Management Department to conduct investigation and research in BAIC INTL. Both Dong Haiyang, the Party Secretary and President of BAIC INTL along with SVP Li Ji, SVP Li Xingxing and the CFO took part in this meeting.
The meeting covered some of the various difficulties BAIC INTL is facing in developing its overseas business, such as brand management, product quality, commercial modification of products and the coordination with sister companies, all of which Zhang Jian thoroughly covered. In the future he will report to the Group and seek for necessary support for the international development of BAIC products.


BAIC INTL Held Its First Brainstorming Meeting on Corporate Culture

The Comprehensive Management Department and the Department of Party-Masses Relationship held the first Brainstorming Meeting on Corporate Culture in the afternoon on May 29th. All the participants explained their own understanding of Motor Train culture and the company’s slogan of “Faster, Leaner, Smarter” and came up with many suggestions.


The Chairman of the Board of BAIC Group Visits BAIC INTL for Investigation and Research

On June 13th, Xu Heyi, the Party Secretary and the Chairman of the Board of BAIC Group made an investigatory trip to BAIC INTL. Mr Xu first visited the open-plan office on the third floor and the employee dormitories. Then he attended the work report meeting. At this meeting, Dong Haiyang, President of BAIC INTL, SVP Lu Fujun, SVP Li Xinging, and SVP Yang Weizhi reported to Mr Xu on overall operation, overseas market development, strategic market development and manufacturing progress.
Mr. Xu instructed that the company should invest in recruiting and developing more talented personnel with international business backgrounds and experience to reshape the business procedures and mechanisms of BAIC INTL.

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