Welcome to BAIC International.

One of the keys to running a successful business anywhere in the world is efficiently managing a company’s human capital.  In BAIC International, we are building bridges from East to West, thus we need the ability to deal with cross-cultural difficulties.  Therefore intercultural HR will also remain the biggest challenge in the near future.  People are our biggest asset therefore we continuously strive for individual excellence.  We provide support in learning & development, transparency in assessments and organizational goals.  Our HR department practices the working habit of “Courtesy, Courage, Commitment” to support the working culture of Faster Leaner Smarter, and to become an attractive employer by providing leadership which assures efficiency management of an international standard.

In your continuous quest for experiential learning and knowledge, we hope you will fully tap on the benefit from the opportunities and resources made available to you at BAIC International.  Our hope for you as our people is that you will find your work challenging and rewarding and that you will feel fully integrated into the Company.  Henceforth bring BAIC International forward by having a qualified and committed workforce that will drive this Company’s growth and prosperity.

Last but not least, we wish you every success with BAIC International.

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