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On July 14, BAIC new vehicle launch conference and opening ceremony of the first 4S store in the Philippines were ceremoniously conducted in Makati of Metro Manila. More than 150 guests, including Dr. Dong Haiyang (the general manager of BAIC INTL), distributors of the Philippines, local media and bank senior executives and other distinguished guests attended the activity. Opening of the first 4S store is not only a masterpiece of BAIC’s market expansion in the Philippines, but also symbolizes ever-increasing development of BAIC brand influence in Southeast Asia. All lay a solid foundation for implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiatives.

As the first large BAIC 4S store in the Philippines, it covers 1,200 square meters and lies in the high street of Manila CBD business area which is also main block of famous international 4S store, such as Ford, Nissan, KIA and Hyundai, etc. Newly-built 4S store strictly complies with BAIC storefront standard, including vehicle sales, spare and accessory parts, boutique business, after-sales service and internet information feedback center, etc. The store is spacious and complete functional. Being provided with central air-conditioning and all-glass steel curtain, the store is on a par with international brands. It is hailed as “the top store of Chinese brand in the Philippines” by local media.


At the conference, Dr. Dong Haiyang made a welcoming speech and introduced BAIC background, prospect and target. Besides, he briefly reported fruitful achievements of BAIC in overseas market over the past four years. He pointed out that BAIC was in embryo in the Philippines, but BAIC’s high quality, excellent product configuration, reasonable price positioning, especially superexcellent after-sales service would provide better product experience for Philippine customers.

The newly launched product is Furuida Van which is widely welcomed by local individual retailers and logistics companies. With personal experience of test drive, guests and journalists highly recognize BAIC’s product quality and expect a promising market performance in the future. Batch order of this vehicle model is estimated to be done in August.

Against the background of slower economic growth of several emerging markets around the world, Southeast Asia remains maintaining great growth momentum. BMI institute reported that the Philippines and Vietnam would be automobile markets with the fastest growth from 2017 to 2021. Confronted with risks and opportunities, Dr. Dong Haiyang said that our products are widely popular among Philippine customers. Apart from continuous growth of market shares, BAIC firmly keeps going and optimizes products, so as to earn trust of customers and provide more supports for future development and cooperation in Southeast Asian market.


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