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On October 26, the opening ceremony of Bahrain franchise store & launch ceremony of A113/A115 was held in Manama, capital of Bahrain. The event marks that BAIC has officially entered Bahrain. Among over 100 attendees were Chairman Mohammed E. Kanoo, General Manager Dr. Bijan and other executives of the Dealer Motorcity, tens of Bahraini government officials and journalists, as well as representatives from North Africa Division of BAIC International.

Mr. Mohammed E. Kanoo introduced the profound history and tremendous strength of the partner–BAIC, expressing his confidence in BAIC’s products and good wishes for cooperation prospect. Dr. Bijan unveiled BAIC’s key model–A113/A115, introduced its competitive price, stable quality and fashion styling, and announced the official launch of A113/A115 HB/NB in Bahrain. He believed that A113/A115 will open the Bahraini market rapidly and gain popularity among locals.

Subsequently the guests observed BAIC’s products in close range and test-rode models such as A113/A115, A315 and A520T/A523T with relish. They questioned about BAIC and vehicle technologies now and then. BAIC’s representatives and dealers answered their questions one by one.

The launch of A1 in Bahrain announced the official entry of BAIC’s products into Bahrain. With the partner’s seasoned after-sales service team and highly informationized spare parts storage, as well as BAIC’s strong product system and internationalized cooperative team, the cooperation between the two sides will be deepened constantly and enhanced gradually. Next BAIC will conduct refined operations in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and launch products in these countries successively, so as to provide local people with better products and services and a more convenient way of traveling, as well as laying a solid foundation for BAIC’s further development in GCC and fulfill BAIC’s dream of “Global BAIC”.

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