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On December 1, a Chinese government delegation led by Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to Harare, capital of Zimbabwe. This visit aims to promote the coordination of the national development strategies of China and Zimbabwe, and create a new situation for the mutually-beneficial cooperation and win-win between the two countries. As the important platform via which BAIC Group implements its globalization strategy, BAIC International took the visit to Zimbabwe as an effective move to implement the national strategy of ” the Belt and Road Initiative ” and speed up “going out” strategy. During the visit, BAIC International signed a framework agreement with AVM, Zimbabwe on strategic cooperation in KD assembly.

Through several rounds of negotiation with Quest, Willowvale Mazda Motor Industry and AVM Africa, under the principles of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, BAIC International signed a KD assembly cooperation project and proposed to achieve an annual production and sales scale of 10,000 units in the coming six years, covering Zimbabwe and the national markets of Southern African Development Community. As an equipment manufacturing capacity cooperation project, this project accords with the strategies of ” the Belt and Road Initiative “, “tri-network construction and industrialization in Africa” and “China-Africa capacity cooperation”. While exporting traditional products, BAIC will export technologies, standards and capital, and practically perform the obligations of fund provision and technology transfer, thus promoting the improvement of the manufacturing and technology level of Zimbabwe’s automobile industry. Also, the project is fully in line with the fundamental appeal for helping African countries improve people’s livelihood and well-being, and will create over 1,000 jobs for Zimbabwe, improve local transportation conditions, and promote the sound development of the local society and economy.


During its stay in Zimbabwe, the delegation of BAIC International also visited Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe and Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited. All sides sincerely welcomed BAIC’s KD project to Zimbabwe and pledged to offer strong support.

During his visit, President Xi Jinping stressed that “China and Zimbabwe are all-weather friends”, China will cement the practical cooperation with Africa, and encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in Zimbabwe. In the context of China-Africa cooperation and common development, with a more practical attitude, under the principle of reciprocity and win-win, BAIC will work with its Zimbabwean partners to establish its image as a responsible Chinese enterprise and advance the capacity cooperation project in an accelerated manner, so as to inject new impetus for the sound and fast development of BAIC’s globalization and make unremitting efforts to fulfill the dream of ” BAIC Globalization”.

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