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BAIC BJ 80 Honorarily Becomes the Inspection Car to Visit Hong Kong

On June 30, 2017, Xi Jinping, National President of China, is attending the activity of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China in Hong Kong. He inspects and reviews the PLA troop in Hong Kong. The magnificent national anthem of People’s Republic of China resounds through the troop settled in Hong Kong: Shek Kong Barracks. The solemn and respectful inspection ceremony of the troop settled in Hong Kong shocks the world again.

On the parade ground, over 3100 officers form 20 square formations, with martial military gestures, orderly equipment and lofty morale, thus fully showing the good spiritual appearance of the garrison. With the soared inspection song, President Xi Jinping takes BAIC BJ 80 inspection car to slowly enter the meeting place, inspects the troop settled in Hong Kong and genially extends his greetings to the officers and men present. To show our military prowess and present our national prestige, BAIC BJ 80, along with the inspection ceremony, becomes another permanent classic scene in the mind of the nationals. This is another honorary mission and supreme honor for BAIC Group which enjoys the brand of “Off Road Family” for more than half a century.


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