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On November 25, the opening ceremony of BAIC’s first sales outlet in Saudi Arabia was held. BAIC A113/A115, D50, A520T/A523T, X65 and BJ40 were launched during the ceremony, announcing BAIC’s full entry into Saudi Arabia. Among over 200 attendees were Mr. Li Chengwen, Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Mr. Zhao Liuqing, counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia; Mr. Abdul-Hafez, Sudanese ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Mr. Li Ji, senior vice president of BAIC International; staff of the North Africa Division of BAIC International; Mr. SAAD, chairman of BAIC’s Saudi Arabian distributor Alrassam; local government officials, enterprise representatives and media guests.
At the ceremony, Ambassador Li extended congratulations on the successful opening of BAIC’s sales outlet in Saudi Arabia and the smooth entry of BAIC’s own brand models in local market. He expected BAIC to attach great importance to product quality and after-sales services, deepen its operations in Saudi Arabia and constantly enhance the image of Chinese brands, so as to open a new page for the economic and trade cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia. Senior Vice President Mr. Li Ji noted that Saudi Arabia is a key market for BAIC to implement its internationalization strategy in depth, BAIC will work with Alrassam to intensify the brand promotion and product launch, adhere to the strategy of service first, and keep enhancing customer satisfaction through quality products and differentiated after-sales services, thus building the good brand image of BAIC.Mr. Fahad, general manager of Alrassam, expressed his full confidence in BAIC once again, expecting to work with BAIC to build BAIC into a new model of Chinese auto brands in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, BAIC A113/A115, D50, A520T/A523T, X65 and BJ40 were launched, announcing BAIC’s formal entry into Saudi Arabia.



On November 26, BAIC International held a business meeting with Alrassam on BAIC’s brand promotion strategy in Saudi Arabia. Next, BAIC International will send marketing staff to Saudi Arabia for a more elaborate survey, and work out BAIC’s product plan for Saudi Arabia for the coming five years to lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

The launch of BAIC brand in Saudi Arabia announced the formal entry of BAIC’s products into Saudi Arabia and the beginning of BAIC’s new operations in Saudi Arabia. With the concerted efforts of BAIC and Alrassam, we believe that BAIC will provide better travel choices and services to Saudi Arabian customers, and keep achieving new successes, thus making a greater contribution to BAIC’s fast globalization.

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