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sudannewsAt 10:00 on May 18 local time, the Press Conference for the launch of BAIC Brand was held in Khartoum, capital of Sudan.

Among the attendees at the conference were Mr. Parshall, Chairman of Harees International Group — BAIC’s exclusive distributor in Sudan, Mr. Omer Ali Hamed, executive from Sudan’s largest state-owned automotive assembly plant and Cheng Weihua, manager of North African Market of BAIC International. The main local media in Sudan followed and took the full report on the conference.

As a new Chinese brand in Sudan, BAIC has drawn great attention from the local media and market in the early days of launching. By virtue of its military background, outstanding quality, diversified products series and reasonable prices, BAIC will rapidly open the Sudanese market and fully meet the demands of Sudanese consumers.

Next, BAIC will further enhance local Sudanese understanding of BAIC brand.  Based in Sudan and stretching over Northeast Africa, BAIC will positively help promote its internationalization and realize “Global BAIC”.

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