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In late November 2014, BAIC INTL and BAIC’s representative in Chile and Peru, Minvest Group, jointly organized the launch of the BAIC brand in Chile and BAIC’s listing ceremony in the 2014 Lima Auto Show in Peru. The two events marked BAIC’s official arrival in Latin America.

On November 26, BAIC Group and Minvest announced the listing of the BAIC brand in Santiago de Chile at the Corpartes Art Exhibition Center. BAIC INTL’s president Mr. Dong Haiyang as well as Minvest’s CEO Mr. Ricardo Lessmann attended the event. This accomplishment marks the introduction of the full line of BAIC’s own cars to the Latin American markets.

320- On November 29, BAIC Group participated in the 2014 Lima Auto Show. The event was successfully held in the Convention Center in the Peruvian capital Lima. BAIC INTL’s president Mr. Dong Haiyang and the GM of the Peruvian branch of Minvest, Alberto Cosigning, attended the show and participated in an official BAIC brand conference.

The Lima Motor Show is the biggest and most influential local car event in the region. It is held every two years and is organized by the Peruvian Automobile Association. This year, the show lasted 11 days, taking place from November 20-30. It attracted nearly 70 car and motorcycle brand exhibitors. BAIC Group’s activities in Chile and Peru (including pre-event announcements) were widely reported in the media outlets of the different countries.

BAIC Group is now providing Latin American customers with its full range of products. The company has laid a solid foundation for a successful penetration of the South American markets. This achievement also marks another successful step in the internationalization process of the BAIC brand.

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